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Google introduces Hire, a new recruiting app that integrates with G Suite.
Now, Hire -an app designed to help small and medium businesses recruit more effectively-can help. Recruit better using Hire and G Suite. Hire makes it easy for you to identify talent, build strong candidate relationships and efficiently manage the interview process end-to-end.
Hire Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
Games Quizzes Thesaurus Word of the Day Features Buying Guide M-W Books Join MWU. My Words My Words. ˈhī -ə r Definition of hire. Entry 1 of 2. 1 a: payment for the temporary use of something. b: payment for labor or personal services: wages. 2 a: the act or an instance of hiring see hire entry 2 laws regarding the hire of workers. b: the state of being hired: employment. 3 British: rental the hire of equipment - often used attributively a hire car. 4: one who is hired starting wage for the new hires. for hire or less commonly on hire.: available for use or service in return for payment They have boats for hire. willing to do farm work for hire. Definition of hire Entry 2 of 2. 1 a: to engage the personal services of for a set sum hire a crew. b: to engage the temporary use of for a fixed sum hire a hall. 2: to grant the personal services of or temporary use of for a fixed sum hire themselves out.
£1 OneWay Hire Europcar UK.
Re-fuelling costs Europcar will provide the vehicle with a full tank, and this should be full when you return the vehicle. Otherwise, a fee will be applicable according to our local Terms and Conditions of Hire. Any tolls or fines incurred during your trip and any administrative charges linked to these fines.
Childcare for Hire Au Pair, Nanny, Babysitter Tutors.
Find your ideal job now. Register at to create your free profile and begin your search. Find and hire the care you need. Register at and search our huge database of professional caregivers. All fields required. We respect your privacy.
Hiré - Wikipédia.
Commune modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata Hiré ancien Hiré-Watta 1 est une localité du sud de la Côte d'Ivoire' et appartenant au département de Divo, Région du Sud-Bandama. La localité de Hiré est un chef-lieu de commune 2.
Recrutement Hire.
Toutefois, si un candidat présenté par HIRE SAS autre que celui sélectionné dans le cadre du mandat spécifiquement donné, HIRE SAS se réserve le droit de facturer une prestation complémentaire de recrutement d'un' montant de 20 de la base annuelle brute du candidat supplémentaire recruté par l'entreprise, ses filiales ou toutes autres entités du groupe concerné.
hire - Traduction franaise - Linguee.
be prosecuted because of clients th a t hire t h em and much less become, in turn, the persecutors of clients w h o hire t h em. Mais ils ne peuvent tre poursuivis cause de leurs clients et encore moins devenir les poursuivants de leurs clients.
HIRE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Try a quiz now. More meanings of hire. hire, at rent. acqui-hire, at acquihire. hire purchase, at installment plan. hire sb/sth out. hire yourself out. hire sth/sb out. See all meanings. hire sb/sth out. hire yourself out. hire sth/sb out.
hire - Wiktionnaire.
ˈhaɪ.ɹɪŋ ou ˈhaɪɹ.ɪŋ. voir conjugaison anglaise. hire haɪə, ˈhaɪ.ə Royaume-Uni, haɪɹ, ˈhaɪ.ɚ États-Unis transitif. I decided to hire her for the job. Jai décidé de lembaucher pour ce boulot. Synonymes modifier le wikicode. take on embaucher. Antonymes modifier le wikicode.

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